Property Buyer’s Agents and Buyer’s Advocates

Professional representation can be the difference between a successful investment and one that incurs high costs and low returns. A professional real estate buyer’s agent offers you the assurance of comprehensive advice and guidance when you are purchasing an investment property. Regardless of your location, be it a major city such as Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney or a regional location, we are able to assist you in finding the right support.

The terms property buyer’s agent and advocate are used interchangeably. The definition of these terms is simply an experienced and qualified individual who gives you professional advice as to which property to buy or lease as well as which will produce the most successful outcome.

The advantages of working with real estate buyer’s agents

Buyer’s advocates will research property for you, weigh up the investment risks and negotiate the best price with the landlord or vendor of the property. This is completed through dealing with the selling agent (for this expert service you will be charged a fee).

The properties that buyers’ advocates choose from are generally already listed and advertised with a real estate agent and are available for you to purchase without any help. However, what is important is to have an expert opinion and help with negotiation.

These representatives are expert negotiators. While you may be able to research developments, locations and prices on your own, a lack of negotiation skills can lead you to a poor investment choice. Through their experience and knowledge of both the property markets and the art of negotiation, your advocate can help you achieve the best results possible.

The average fee of an investment property buyer’s agent is around 2% of the eventual purchase price.

The fees incurred through the use of this service are far outweighed by the peace of mind of knowing that you bought the right property at the right price.

Connect with property buyer’s agents in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond

We offer comprehensive investment services across Australia. Whether you are located in Melbourne or you are searching for appropriate developments in Sydney and Brisbane, we have the right individuals to assist you. Contact us via our online form to receive free, expert advice and to discuss the importance of a reliable advocate when you purchase your next investment. Alternatively, call us on 1300 855 680 to find out more.

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