When to Buy an Investment Property

The most important principle to remember when investing in property is to think long term and have an educated written plan that you adhere to.

When to buy is nowhere near as important as actually buying a property, a trap some investors fall into is waiting for the market to fall so as to grab a bargain.

Inevitably what happens is the market increases and then they say:

“I should have bought last year when the prices were better, I think I will wait for a fall in the market.”

and when the market softens they will say:

“I think I will wait for it to hit rock bottom.”

all the time missing opportunities to enter the market and grow their wealth, not to mention the tax savings they are missing when all this is happening.

The properties we provide for our clients are always built by the most respected developers and builders in what we consider to be the best areas to accommodate capital growth,yields and maximise depreciation benefits.

When looking at the figures supplied by the Australian Bureau of Statistics you see that on average property prices have doubled on average every 7 to 10 years for the last 50 years.

When considering this and also the fact that it is impossible to know when prices are at rock bottom, we say:

“Now is the right time to buy an Investment Property”.

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