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What our Investment Property Consultants Can Do for You

Your usual real estate agent or investment property consultant lists a property for sale and then spends the Vendors money marketing it, trying to sell it to you the investor. The particular investment property may or may not match your particular needs.

At Australian Property Investor we recognize that the needs of each of our clients are unique, we however make sure your approach is planned & ordered.

We arrange for a totally independent financial consultant to look at your individual situation and then discover your wants, needs and limitations – so that you can make a decision that will be of the greatest benefit to you.

Once this has been achieved the consultant will send us a profile of the property that best suits your individual needs. At this stage we will work to locate and negotiate a property from all available properties that meet your criteria and from our database of the best developers, who build the best boutique developments in the best areas so as to enable you to achieve the best long term capital growth, thus enabling us to work with you repeatedly over time.

Complete Investment Property Consultancy


It is our goal, for you as a Property Investor to profit from working with us as this will enable and encourage you to invest in property again, hopefully with us. Any property you buy through API will be made “Subject to Finance” at your request. This option protects you so if the purchase does not come up to valuation, the contract can be rescinded and your full deposit returned.

We aim to offer the novice investor a complete range of services to enable you to purchase an investment with confidence. We have alliances with various organizations including Finance Companies, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors and we offer Property Management to complete all your needs whilst investing in Property.

When working wih investors, we show you through our alliances, how to structure the finance and maximise your tax deductions and cash flow. Quite often a few simple changes in structuring can make hundreds of dollars difference in cash flow.