Choosing a lender for an Investment Property

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The lender who best suits your finance requirements  may not always be known to you.

By contacting experts in arranging appropriate finance, they can look at your individual financial position; assess your particular requirements and current assets then short list a number of lenders who offer products at the lowest interest rates, with the lowest fees and with the best facilities.

At API we have an alliance with several finance brokers and other industry experts such as accountants and quantity surveyors. We have alliances with brokers specialising in finance for investment properties.

When we send people to one of our financial partners for a financial review, they arrange a personal one-on-one meeting, look at your requirements and current position and recommend lenders that offer products that are most suitable for your requirements.

In short, choosing a lender is something that should be done after exploring all your options for finance. If you team up with an expert to do this, you will undoubtedly be able to make a decision based on facts that will be of the greatest benefit to you and your portfolio

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Choosing a lender for an Investment Property

When considering finance, the majority of people generally go to the Bank they have their savings and transaction account with and organise a loan through them. This is sometimes, but not always, of the greatest benefit to you the investor.Ideally when purchasing a property investment and arranging a loan, you should talk to an expert in investment property finance.

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