Where Do I Start

Preparing for Investing in Property

Some investors have the view that they should just go out and buy something that has a tenant and they will become independently wealthy over time.

This may sometimes happen, however to maximise a return and thus be able to reinvest sooner it is important to set a written plan after consulting experts for expert advice to help you decide what, where and when to buy.

When you talk with experts in their relative fields you will be able to maximise the benefits of having an investment property achievable along the way of all the various steps which are involved in investing.

These steps include:

    •Having an expert structure the best possible investment finance package, which will benefit you with low interest rates and on going fees;

    •A Quantity Surveyor completing a depreciation schedule maximising your depreciation on the building and fit out;

    •An Accountant prepare a Tax Variation and monitor your income, expenses and outgoings so that your tax return will be maximised and costs are recorded in a manner that means you can legally minimise your Tax payable;

    •An experienced Licensed Real Estate Agent locate and manage a property that is researched and meets the profile supplied to the Agent by the other affiliates to give you maximum capital growth based on the evidence at hand whilst being within your budget.

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