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Property Management Melbourne

At Australian Property Investor our property manager’s charge is 7%+GST. You will always find agents that will charge you less than what you currently pay however the difference with API is what we offer for this fee.

Some of the features offered in our property management services are unique and also necessary to get the most out of your investment without losing cash flow and having your ownership affect your lifestyle in a negative manner.

This fee is reasonable when you consider that everything is handled for you and should there be any problems with the tenancy, the Property Manager will strive to resolve them without you needing to be involved.

Standard Property Management Features

    •Appraisal of market value

    •Marketing and promotion

    •Tenant selection – reference & credit checks

    •Document preparation

    •Rent collection

    •Rent arrears

    •Organisation of repairs/maintenance

    •Regular inspections

    •Lease negotiations

    •Rent reviews

    •VCAT representation

    •Payment of invoices, rates etc.

    •Vacate inspections

Unique Property Management Features

Australian Property Investor offers a unique service to their Landlords by way of rent payment.

Rent is paid in full to you the landlord upon receipt by API each month to improve your cash flow.

Fees, levies, invoices etc. are deducted from your investment account each month where your costs are tax deductible. This means you are not putting your hand in your pocket to make up rental income shortfalls. Shortfalls from things like rates, management and body corporate fees will be debited from your loan account.

This results in your loan increasing by about 1% of the property value every year. You have, however, about $3000- extra a year (for an investment property costing approx. $350,000-) in cash flow which if you choose you can pay into your home mortgage.

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