Low Doc Loans

Low Doc Loans for Investment Properties

Quite often self employed people may think they are not eligible to get a loan to purchase any sort of property, including investment property.

This is not usually true.

Today there are a myriad of non-conforming lenders who offer low doc loans. These are loans where you do not need to produce tax returns for the last two years, group certificates, pay slips or other forms of proof of income.

If you have enough equity in your owner occupied home, or a substantial cash deposit, the lender that supplies these loans will use it as security and sometimes all that is needed is a letter from your Accountant and the security of your deposit or an existing property to get an approval for a loan.

The reason not everyone uses a non-conforming lender is that you will find invariably that you will be paying greater interest on the low doc loan, however, lenders who offer low doc loans can make property acquisition a reality for buyers who would not otherwise have qualified for finance.

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